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Major Style
Vienna Marzen Oktoberfest
Minor style

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  Enskede gerds wiener
  Wispy Lake Lager

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All Major Styles
American Ale 35
American Lager 4
Barley Wine 4
Belgian and French Ale 4
Belgian Lambic 1
Bock 5
California Common Beer 1
Cider 0
Classic Pilsener 14
English Bitter 9
English Pale Ale 12
English Scottish Strong Ale 3
Fruit and Vegetable Mead 1
Fruit Vegetable Beer 1
German Ale 4
German Dark Lager 0
German Light Lager 3
German Wheat Beer 2
Herb and Spice Mead 0
Herb Spice Beer 1
Mead and Braggot 1
Mild and Brown Ale 10
Porter 13
Scottish Ale 2
Smoked Beer 1
Specialty Beer 0
Stout 12
Vienna Marzen Oktoberfest 6
Total = 149

Name Enskede gerds wiener Style = Vienna
Yeast Bavarian Lager Liquid Atten. = 70% Floc = Low

  MALTS/ADJUNCTS Contribution Ext. Eff. Quantity Color Grav
Grav(a) Co(b) (c) (d)